What does it mean to be a gardener? The philosophy of gardening goes to the root of our relationship with the Earth, nature, life and ourselves.

The idea of being a gardener is deep inside us, personally and as a society. I think it goes to the core of our relationship with the Earth, nature and therefore ourselves. It is about philosophy, religion, politics, to how we have arrived at our current place in history and perhaps how we can perhaps move forward in a more harmonious way.

I feel differently about gardening to how I started and this has made me want to explore our perception and relationship to nature and to gardening – perhaps on how to re-wild ourselves a little too. I guess the journal will grow in it’s own way.

As well as exploring those ideas, hopefully there will be practical advice too and information on projects I have been and am involved in, also on many different areas of horticulture but with special attention to subjects such as re-wilding, bio-dynamics. organic practice, permaculture and different perspectives on design and management.

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